Redeeming Our Communities .

People of goodwill working together for safer, kinder communities. Support our work


buy generic cialis 20 mg ROC’s main aim is to bring about community transformation by creating strategic partnerships between statutory agencies, voluntary groups and churches. These partnerships form new volunteer-led projects that address a variety of social needs.

We have over 165 active partnership projects, and many more at the planning and enquiry stage, meeting a variety of social needs. Could our model help you to reach your community?


Community Engagement

To deliver 12 ROC Conversation community engagement events across the UK.


To equip our regional coordinators to engage with local partners and start new projects.

International Partnership

To develop our international partnerships including; France, Australia, Switzerland, USA, and South Africa.


To establish partnerships for ROC Community Mentors in partnership with COACH. We will be training volunteers to deliver mentoring across the UK.