A Mentor’s Story

One of the recent cases taken on by one of our partner churches involved providing parenting skills as part of the mentoring support offered to a local Mum. She was referred by the pastoral support worker at a junior school the church had links with. Her son, who was 7 years old, had learning difficulties and Mum was struggling to cope with his behaviour at home, as she had 2 other small children to look after and Dad worked every evening. He would shout, swear, be violent towards her and often escaped from the house. It was a constant battle trying to get him ready for school in the morning and bedtime in the evening.

Mum was matched up with one of our trained mentors, Claire. Claire helped Mum set a daily routine that she was happy with and then to make a reward chart with stickers for good behaviour, which her son responded really positively to. Claire emphasised the importance of her being consistent in responding to her son and Dad was fully on board with the changes implemented. The son’s behaviour improved really quickly and Mum felt she no longer needed Claire’s input after only 3 months. This just shows what a big difference even a relatively short period of mentoring can bring, resulting in healthier relationships and restored family wellbeing.

Please contact Andy Bell at: [email protected] for further details of the ROC + COACH mentoring scheme.