Garry Shewan

Assistant Chief Constable: Greater Manchester Police, Neighbourhood Policing and Confidence and National Policing Lead for Restorative Justice

“Greater Manchester Police is proud to be able to work in close partnership with Redeeming Our Communities and draw upon their experience and expertise in bringing communities together. Redeeming Our Communities have been a key partner in delivering Neighbourhood Justice Panels across the Greater Manchester area and through their dedication and commitment, local communities are benefiting from this innovative approach to community policing.”

Sir Matt Baggott

Former Chief Constable, Police Service of Northern Ireland

“Redeeming our Communities is a unique organisation with a full and practical track record of bringing police, churches and communities together for the benefit of all. I have been hugely impressed, not only by the events that inspire and challenge, but by the initiatives, problem solving and friendships that have resulted. Across the UK, people are coming together with their police to make a real difference, bringing hope and transforming lives.”

Matt Barlow

Chief Executive: Christians Against Poverty UK

“I believe Redeeming Our Communities play such a valuable role inspiring the church to play its part in changing society and helping to connect these churches with organisations and institutions that can help make them truly effective. The impact that ROC initiatives have on a local level reverberate on a national scale, delivering real change to the people who need it the most. CAP is delighted to be working so closely with ROC in serving communities across the UK.”

The Baroness Cox

Founder and CEO, HART

“Redeeming Our Communities (ROC) is an inspirational example of ways in which communities can be helped to address problems by strategic partnerships involving statutory agencies, voluntary organisations and local churches. Examples include initiatives to provide assistance for local people facing difficulties and hardships of many kinds, ranging from youth unemployment, anti-social behaviour and the isolation of elderly people. ROC enables churches to put their Christian commitment to love one’s neighbour into effective action in co-operation with professional colleagues and committed volunteers.
“ROC’s programmes are therefore powerful examples of Christian ‘Love In Action’, serving some of the most vulnerable and needy people with practical support, meeting their needs sensitively and appropriately. These caring initiatives also help to transform communities into safer, more caring places where the unconditional love of God is available for those in need of the professional services provided by ROC.”

Please download our Endorsement Document, which gives many more endorsements we have received since our launch in 2004.