At a Loss

ROC Burnley was approached by Burnley Together ( to lead a response for how we could support young people through bereavement and loss during this season.

As a ROC action group a number of our participants are very enthusiastic youth workers, so when the opportunity came to serve the young people in our town during this challenging time we jumped at the opportunity. 

92% of young people in the UK experience bereavement before the age of 16 of a close or significant relationship. We know that during this time young people have experienced various kinds of loss and a lot of their normal support structures have been taken away from them. 

As ROC Burnley we approached a national Christian organisation who are taking a lead working with the NHS on loss on bereavement called At a Loss ( We gathered around 20 youth workers from local authority, youth clubs and Church based youth ministries for around an hour of online training on the subject. We were also able to secure some funding to pay for the training from At a Loss and purchase some resources for them that we can gift to loca schools, Churches and youth centre’s.

My hope is that when we receive the resources from At a Loss we can offer peer to peer support facilitated by youth workers both online and in the physical spaces that young people gather such as schools, Churches and youth centre’s.

I would recommend anybody to connect with At a Loss to access their training, expertise and resources.

Pete Baker

ROC Burnley