Community Garden Re-Opens

Last Wednesday, on 21st June, ROC Blackpool were proud to re-open the gates to the Gorton Street Community Garden, now a ROC Community Garden right in the heart of Blackpool, situated in a deprived area that will benefit from our vision to work together with people of goodwill to create safer and kinder communities.

The garden was originally opened in 2010, but over recent years the gates have been left closed with the community wanting it to reopen. The garden has received a complete transformation and now the gates are open to the public every day.

For ROC, the community garden provides opportunities to engage more with local people, attract volunteers and residents to Community Action Team projects and also provides us with a fixed position in Blackpool so that people can see we are putting down roots.

In addition, we will be holding regular gardening workshops in the community garden for residents and volunteers to learn how to use gardening power tools, and providing them with opportunities to get involved in our garden transformation projects all across the town.

So much work has gone into making Gorton Street Community Garden what it is today – with its beautiful flower beds, neatly trimmed grass and other areas where shrubs and blooms of all kinds are on display – with a lot of help put in by different community groups, churches, and volunteers.

News, events and more details are all available on the ‘Blackpool Community Action Team’ Facebook page, which is our flagship ROC project in Blackpool.