Dance Away Your Worries: ROC School of Dance

The ROC School of Dance meets every Wednesday night at the ROC HQ, The FUSE. It offers an affordable, safe place for Children age 5-11 to learn new skills and to make new friends. This summer, the children who attend the dance school were given an opportunity to perform at an end of term dance show. Utilising the fully equipped theatre space at The FUSE, the dance school pupils were able to show their parents, extended family and their friends some of the routines they had learned over the past term.

The dance show provided the children something to work towards – knowing they were going to perform the dances helped them concentrate and motivated them to work hard to produce some lovely dance routines. Sarah, who runs the School of Dance, said “I was so pleased with them during the weeks leading up to the show; the enthusiasm and dedication they put in. When it came to the day of the show, I was overwhelmingly proud of how committed, professional and mature they all were.”

On the night of the performance, the children arrived an hour before the doors opened, got into their costumes are rehearsed their routines one last time. Walking bravely on stage, they performed for their friends and family – some even performing solo acts and duets, which were heart-warming to watch. One notable performance was a duet between 2 girls, both initially too shy and reluctant to perform, after some encouragement, mustered up the courage and performed their routine. What an achievement. A proud Sarah, after the event, stated “I have been so impressed with how much these 2 girls have grown in confidence and maturity.”

At the end of the show all the children were presented with certificates and sweets to say well done for their performance. Sarah’s commitment was acknowledged too, being presented with flowers by the Dance School pupils to say thank you for teaching them. Sarah, overwhelmed by the grateful children commented: “I could see how grateful and happy they all were for the show. Many other dance schools appear far too costly with dance school fees, costume fees and show fees. Offering a project that is affordable and still has the perks of a show is something I am really proud to be a part of delivering in Partington.”

The ROC School of Dance starts up again on September 06, with Sarah committed to providing engaging activities for young people every Wednesday between 6pm and 7pm at the FUSE.

If you’re interested in finding out more then don’t hesitate to get in touch.