Endorsements for ROC Northern Ireland



“Redeeming our Communities is a unique organisation with a full and practical track record of bringing police, churches and communities together for the benefit of all. I have been hugely impressed, not only by the events that inspire and challenge, but by the initiatives, problem solving and friendships that have resulted. Across the UK, people are coming together with their police to make a real difference, bringing hope and transforming lives.”

Former Chief Constable Matt Baggott, Police Service of Northern Ireland



“Supporting safer communities is a key tenet of the new Northern Ireland Community Safety Strategy, ‘Building Safer, Shared and Confident Communities”. The newly established Policing and Community Safety Partnerships will be central to the delivery of this Strategy.
I was interested to hear of the work of ROC in various areas of Great Britain, and believe ROC has a valuable contribution to make in Northern Ireland. I am keen to see the Department of Justice working with faith groups and local voluntary bodies to build positive partnerships and find practical solutions to local problems. ”

David Ford – MLA, Northern Ireland Minister of Justice



“ROC has brought a fresh and distinctive approach to getting people and communities to work together. Their aim to make a safer and more inclusive future for all is a vision shared with Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service and we will continue to work with them to encourage and support the people of Northern Ireland to work together for a brighter future.”

Dale Ashford, Assistant Chief Fire Officer, Northern Ireland Fire & Rescue Service



“It is energizing to think of the blessing which is possible in our communities if people of good will and faith work together creatively. The launch of Redeeming our Communities in Northern Ireland is a great opportunity for all of us to be a real presence for transformation in the world of today.”

Bishop Harold Miller, Bishop of Down & Dromore

“Effective partnerships are at the heart of any community transformation initiative. ROC offers us a depth of knowledge and experience seldom found elsewhere. We are so excited about their presence in Northern Ireland.”

Andrew Masters, CEO Evangelical Ministries

“It’s great to see partnerships between the police, churches and local communities being used by God to transform lives. Evangelical Alliance is excited about the potential for ROC to replicate in Northern Ireland the success it has had elsewhere in delivering real change and safer communities.”

Peter Lynas, Evangelical Alliance

“The Northern Ireland Council for Ethnic Minorities welcomes the Redeeming Our Communities initiative within Northern Ireland. It is vital in these current times that strong partnerships within and between all communities living in Northern Ireland are given the space to develop and be nurtured. Redeeming Our Communities initiatives will provide the opportunity to develop practical solutions and bring communities together for everyone’s benefit. ”

Patrick Yu, Northern Ireland Council for Ethnic Minorities

“It is evident that ROC has a forward looking, progressive and practical approach to galvanising and inspiring local people and local communities to influence what happens within their community. A positive approach which engages support and encourages effective change is one which the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service is happy to endorse and where possible support. We are keen to work with communities to do all we can to improve their health and well-being and to engage with those communities to identify how we can make a difference together.”

Liam McIvor, Chief Executive, Northern Ireland Ambulance Service

“I am delighted that ROC is to be launched in Northern Ireland. Its ethos of partnership and service resonates with the words of the prophet Jeremiah, “seek the peace of the city where you are placed and pray to God for it”. The commitment and experience of the co-ordinating team will provide fresh inspiration and new opportunities for statutory agencies and Churches to join in re-shaping society for the better.”

Rev Desmond Bain, General Secretary, Methodist Home Mission Dept

“Getting influential groups to engage creatively together is a key factor in transforming communities. From what I have seen elsewhere, ROC has the experience and the expertise to develop partnerships in Northern Ireland which will prove dynamic and effective in community transformation. I am excited by the possibilities and am pleased to offer my support.”

The Right Rev Ken Good, Bishop of Derry and Raphoe

“Both the church and the state are in the business of bringing societal change and community transformation for those in need. ROC is inspiring people of passion into projects that brings these  agencies together in active partnership resulting in good news stories, often through the work of sacrificial volunteering. As a movement, ROC is continuing the churches rich heritage by encouraging ordinary people that they can make and extra ordinary difference.”

Paul Betts, Centre Director, Holywood Family Trust