Equipping for Change

ROC’s core aim has always been to equip people of good will to change their communities – to shape them into safer, kinder communities. That’s why in September we gave away our ‘101 community ideas’ pack, to help encourage people to start thinking how they can impact their own communities.

This week, again, to encourage people in how they can make an impact in their community, we’re giving away Debra Green’s ‘ROC Your World: Changing Communities for Good’ ebook.

With over 20 years’ experience in community transformation Debra shares her stories and the journeys of many others to inspire readers that it is possible to make a difference.

This book isn’t just full of good ideas – they actually work and have been proven by groups up and down the country. The principles contained within can transform communities – for good!

Written from a strongly biblical basis, this book will be of special interest for Christians, particularly those in church leadership – explaining how the ROC model of working in partnership with other community groups can be a catalytic factor in bringing about transformation in the local community.