As Leeds Festival 2023 becomes a memory, the Festival Angels are putting out a final call for people to claim items that have ended up in Lost Property.

Hundreds of items have already been returned to owners, and it is hoped this final push will see the majority of items reunited with their owners before the closing date of October 1st.

Along with assorted clothing, bags, and jewelry, the Festival Angels Lost Property also has:

– 52 wallets
– 25 mobile phones
– 109 full and provisional driving licenses
– Hundreds of bank cards
– 3 passports
– Dozens of sets of keys

Festival-goers are invited to visit to access the LiffHappens database of unclaimed items. Most of the items are photographed, but some deliberately have no image so that we can match descriptions with the item.

Unclaimed items will be donated to St George’s Crypt, the relevant agencies, or destroyed after the closing date.

This year, the Festival Angels had 205 volunteers working at Leeds Festival, and have successfully reunited hundreds of lost items both at and following the festival.

If you lost an item at Leeds Festival 2023, be sure to check the Lost Property database soon! The Festival Angels want to get your belongings back to you if possible before the October 1st deadline.