Halton Borough

We were recently commissioned by the Home Office and Cheshire Police to host two community engagement events in the Halton Borough, Runcorn on February 11th and Widnes on February 18th.

ROC has a great track record in organising such events, having conducted over 200 nationwide.

The whole community gathers together under one roof to celebrate the good work going on and to identify gaps in provision.

The evenings are very solution focused and Action Groups are formed to take the ideas forward.

Top social issues raised on the evenings included; a range of issues facing young people, mental health, lack of communication and coordination, social isolation faced by older people, and the lack of civic pride.

In the case of both Runcorn and Widnes over 50 people will be part of the Action Group for each area.

We hope that fantastic ideas will now by implemented, with our support, and that the Halton borough will benefit as a result.