Health Inspires

by James Baker
One of the big challenges we face in more deprived areas around the country are issues surrounding health, fitness and good nutrition.
While growing up, I didn’t really think much about nutrition or to exercise, I just got on with eating what I wanted and casually playing sport with my friends at school. Unfortunately for me putting on weight became an issue and it leads to a lot of bullying in my primary and high school years.
As I joined college, I got more into the sport through one of my courses, got serious with my nutrition and got serious in the gym. It took me a while to turn it around, but now I feel fitter, stronger and more able to do the things I need to do – to look after my family, to complete my work, to be able to run to the bus when I need to!
What I’ve also discovered is that I can be an inspiration to others in a way that can help motivate them to achieve great things too!
Over the last year or two I’ve stepped it up in the gym and also stepped up the gardening work I do with ROC, and I’ve seen incredible results.
Within 4-weeks I started to notice the difference, within 8-weeks my close family and friends noticed the difference, and now 12-24 weeks later it seems that everyone is noticing the difference too! People have started asking me about my workout programmes, what I eat when I eat and seem to be genuinely interested in how they can make a serious change in their lives too!
Doesn’t this sound like the Gospel? How people see the difference in us and want it for themselves? How Jesus has made the biggest difference in our lives, and the change He makes is now visible in such a positive way?
It’s the same as we support our local communities, it doesn’t take long until they see something in you that is inspiring, and then they want it for themselves too! All you have to do is relate to them, and then lead them to help them achieve it! Whether it’s leading them to Christ, or simply leading them into the activities that you do.
My motivation to get fit… is to be an inspiration to others. It’s not for myself, it’s for my family, for my friends and for my community! And with my body being healthy, it also means that I will be able to stay in ministry for the long-term, have less chance of burning out and more chance of taking the ground I desire to take.
So, enjoy National Fitness Day! Make good choices today with your health that could lead to a transformation that will inspire others.