I believe in myself because someone else believed in me

ROC was launched in 2004 with a desire to see communities flourish and lives changed. Our first project model created – the ROC Café youth drop-in club – was created to help young people reach their potential.

Cassie attends the ROC Café in Chesterfield. In a recent interview (see the video above), Cassie reveals “I used to hang round the streets around Chesterfield doing drugs; committing crimes such as shoplifting & assault” before she met the volunteer team at the youth club. She then goes on to say:

“I used to self-harm as well due to bullying. I was eventually able to confide in one of the volunteers […] they started helping me out, giving me advice and just being there for me. It was like a second family – and it still is! […] The biggest effect it’s had on my life is just the fact that, if it wasn’t for them, I don’t think I’d be here. I’d probably either be dead from the drugs, or locked up from the crimes I was committing. […] I believe in myself a lot more because somebody else does”

Many ROC projects rely highly on the incredible determination, persistence and dedication of volunteers, who give up hours of their lives each week to help transform their communities – many often unseen and unrecognised. To all those who work to help their communities – Thank You! We think you’re awesome.