Positive mental health is essential for individuals and communities to thrive. Recognizing this, ROC Wellbeing has launched an innovative initiative aimed at creating spaces, programs, and supports that cultivate positive mental health. Through their ROC Health Hub and Suicide Prevention Programme, they are addressing the pressing mental health challenges faced by individuals in Wythenshawe, Manchester’s largest district, and beyond. Let’s dive into the details of these transformative initiatives.

ROC Health Hub: Providing Support and Empowerment

In Spring 2023, ROC Wellbeing embarked on a mission to establish hubs in Wythenshawe. With a population of 110,000, this district faces various mental health issues that require immediate attention. The ROC Health Hubs are designed to serve as alternatives to A&E for mental health concerns and other community needs.

At the heart of these hubs is the commitment to creating warm, inviting spaces that foster a sense of belonging and support. The trained staff and passionate volunteers provide invaluable guidance, advice, and access to local services. Their expertise and compassion ensure that individuals receive the care they need in a safe and nurturing environment.

Collaboration lies at the core of ROC Wellbeing’s approach. By partnering with existing groups and organizations, ROC aims to create a powerful network that strengthens the community’s mental health support system. Through this collaborative effort, they recruit and train volunteers, ensuring a sustainable and impactful approach to community well-being.

Regular progress reports are an integral part of ROC’s commitment to transparency and accountability. By sharing updates on their initiatives, ROC keeps the community informed about the impact they are making and the progress achieved. This open communication helps build trust and encourages ongoing community involvement.

Suicide Prevention Programme: A Partnership for Change

Mental health deterioration carries a substantial economic cost in the UK, with significant funds allocated to address the issue in various regions. However, many existing interventions only offer temporary relief, akin to sandbags holding back a rising tide. Recognizing the need for a transformative approach, ROC Wellbeing has partnered with Suicide Safer Communities, a highly esteemed Australian organization.

To address the pressing issue of mental health breakdowns, self-harm, and suicides, ROC is introducing the ground-breaking ASSAT software. This innovative program incorporates seawall supports, significantly improving the impact of programme commissioning. By leveraging technology and collaborative efforts, ROC aims to effect positive change and reduce the incidence of these critical mental health challenges.

Exploring Further: Videos to Inspire and Inform

To learn more about the transformative work being done by ROC Wellbeing, they have provided a series of informative videos:

  1. Intro to ASSAT: Watch here – This video provides an introduction to the ASSAT software, highlighting its potential to revolutionize mental health interventions.
  2. ASSAT Explained: Watch here – In this video, experts delve into the intricacies of the ASSAT software, offering a deeper understanding of its capabilities and how it can improve the impact of mental health programs.
  3. Documentary of Outcomes: Watch here – This powerful documentary showcases the outcomes and successes achieved through the Suicide Prevention Programme. It serves as a testament to the transformative potential of ROC Wellbeing’s initiatives.

Get Involved and Make an Impact

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