Kindness Starts with One

11-17th February is Random Acts of Kindness Week and those taking part have been encouraged to share about the one person who inspires them to be a better human being.

As we started to think about this at ROC we realised there’s no one person who inspires us to do what we do, there’s a whole host:

  • It’s the restorative justice facilitator who gave up those extra couple of hours of their weekend to make sure the victim they were supporting was completely comfortable
  • It’s the mum who stepped out of her comfort zone, with the support of her mentor, and found a part-time job she enjoys
  • It’s the victim of crime who faced their anxiety head-on and found their voice, speaking to their offender
  • It’s the food-bank volunteers who give up their Thursday morning through rain and shine to give time and food to those who need it in their community
  • It’s the donor who placed some money into the hand of one of our regional co-ordinators to support their local ROC Cafe and asked to stay anonymous
  • It’s the 14 year old who signed up to mentor a year 7 student and spent a drama workshop encouraging them to believe in their own ability
  • It’s the teacher who left a ROC Conversation having connected with a young person with a vision for giving out care packages to the homeless, committed to making it happen

It’s all these people and more.

As we enter Random Acts of Kindness Week 2018, why not become someone who inspires others and take part.

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