Mountain Moving Prayer

Resources for Churches

Welcome to Mountain Moving Prayer, Debra Green’s latest book which was released in March 2019.

We’ve put together a range of resources to accompany this book, designed for small groups.


  • ROC Prayer Course (10 week course).
  • Prayer Course Leaders’ guide.
  • 101 Community Ideas.
  • Video Series (to introduce each chapter).


ROC Prayer Course

The ROC Prayer Course is aimed at small groups and churches. It will help you explore key prayer insights from Mountain Moving Prayer. It has four key elements; discuss, reflect, instruct and pray.

There are questions to accompany each chapter and additional related bible passages to help you explore each theme. You can watch a video introduction to each chapter and then spend time discussing the questions raised. We have provided plenty of space for you to take notes. Enjoy!

ROC Prayer Course Cover PRINT


101 Community Ideas
101 Community Ideas

We know there are endless ways to do help your community, and that each community is different, but everyone needs a bit of inspiration from time to time. We’ve put this list together with the hope that it will act as a catalyst for people of goodwill to come together to work for safer, kinder communities.

As with any community work, we’d encourage you to start by finding out what’s already happening in your area and seeing how you can support and complement existing good work.

Pray4YourPolice is a new UK wide prayer initiative that the Christian Police Association (CPA) is launching this spring. The aim is to encourage individuals and churches to mobilise in prayer for their local police and for the communities they serve.

Below is a link to a Prayer Toolkit they have produced in support of the initiative, and an example poster we have created to send to your local force to help express your support and gratitude. If you would like us to create a free poster for your local police force, please email [email protected] stating the name of the force you are supporting.

Video Series

101 Community Ideas

Watch a sample video…

Debra’s Video Series is designed to guide groups through a 10 week course on Mountain Moving Prayer.

This video-based series helps groups to learn the basics of Mountain Moving Prayer, and explore and develop their own prayer life.

More Resources

A must read

Full of inspiring stories and a clear challenge to believe once more in the power of prayer. A must read as we seek to see the UK transformed for Jesus.

Prayer does work

Some of the challenges facing society at present seem almost impossible to solve; drugs, gangs, knife crime and a society that has become more isolated and divided. The police are often the agency of last resort for many of these issues but all too often we can only respond and fail to deal with the causes of the problems and simply can’t provide the long term solutions. However, working with organisations like Redeeming our Communities across the country we can begin to make a difference. People of faith can begin to solve these social problems and the power of prayer does make a difference even when faced with some of the most challenging situations. Francis of Assisi when asked about dealing with what appeared an insurmountable problem once said “Start with what you can do, then do what’s possible and you will soon find you are doing the impossible”. People of faith taking action, backed by prayer does work and can transform our whole community.

Harnessing shared purpose

I have worked alongside ROC for many years, as well as Street Pastors and Street Angels amongst others. Debra and ROC have shown the power of their approach and how prayer plays an integral part in harnessing shared purpose and endeavour within communities of greatest need. None of us should stand by and see others suffer….I work with police colleagues of many faiths and many of no faith – all are in awe when they witness what can be unlocked in this way and are humbled by the support they also receive from Debra and her wider network.

Together with unity

This is a practical book on prayer which has clearly been written out of down to earth experience rather than ideas and theories. It acknowledges the link between passionate prayer and effective Kingdom advancement. Prayer followed by action into our communities, together with unity and partnerships becomes a recipe for greater levels of spiritual breakthrough.

This book holds life

Debra Green writes so fluently about faith because she has lived it all her Christian life. Certainly, she has a gift of faith which she has nurtured well, but beyond that she uses her gift to incite faith in others. Like the flame of a candle, she is not content to merely use her light up on her own life. No, she uses the flame of faith to ignite faith in others, around her own nation and beyond. That’s how cities like hers experience drastic drops in crime, and strong economic growth, the restoration of families and the empowerment of ordinary people. Her insights into how faith can change our worlds are full of the integrity of a life which has proven these principles to be dynamically true. This is not a ‘painting-by-numbers’ book, encouraging people to rigidly follow certain steps to success. No, this book holds life and light and hope with such enthusiasm and encouragement that the reader feels empowered to rise and follow Jesus with greater awareness of His determination to transform us into agents of the Kingdom who carry the power to change our communities. This book is fantastic. If you’re serious about changing your world, or maybe just your street or workplace to begin with, this book will equip you. Get it for yourself, and buy more for your friends.

A timely book

Few people I know have been as significant as Debra in terms of mobilising and modelling prayer. I’m confident that this timely book will help many to realise afresh the vital need for the kind of movement of prayer that’s been at the heart of every great move of God in our nation’s history.