Mountain Moving Prayer

Mountain Moving Prayer
The Unlimited Potential
By Debra Green OBE with Dave Roberts
160 Pages | Trade paperback £8.99
ISBN: 9 780 28108 137 0

Debra Green OBE is the founder and National Director of charity Redeeming Our Communities (ROC), founded in 2004. She is frequently asked to speak at events and conferences and has recently joined the leadership team of Spring Harvest.

Debra has 25 years experience in bringing organisations together towards the goal of social transformation, starting with her home city of Manchester. Since 2004, this work has expanded and she has acted as a consultant to many other towns and cities with significant results.

Dave Roberts is a former editor of Christianity. He also had a senior publishing role at Kingsway Communications. His personal book sales are in excess of 250,000. These include joint authorship of contemporary bestsellers on prayer Red Moon Rising, The Grace Outpouring and The Way of Blessing.

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Mountain Moving Prayer
By Debra Green with Dave Roberts

21st March 2019

A encouragement to believers everywhere that their prayers have the power to break through seemingly impossible obstacles and conquer any mountain they face.

“If what stands in your way is too high to climb, too hard to dig under or too big to go around – it’s time for mountain moving prayer!” Anthony Delaney, Ivy Church, Manchester

The toughest challenges – in our personal lives and in our communities – can be tackled, defeated and shifted aside by faith-fuelled prayer. Relational struggles, financial strangleholds, emotional and social strife – whatever your mountain, through prayer, God’s power can move it.

“God will move our personal mountains but we musn’t stop there. His goal is to transform the lives of those around us as well,” observes Debra. “God’s call to me from the very beginning was to focus prayer on the big, specific issues causing social fragmentation: lack of aspiration among young people, isolation of the elderly, family failures, and distrust and separation between ethnic groups. These mountains need moving in most neighbourhoods,”

“I work with police colleagues of many faiths and many of no faith – all are in awe of what can be unlocked this way.” Olivia Pinkney QPM MA, Chief Constable, Hampshire Constabulary