Moving Forward: United For Transformation

One of the fundamental principles of ROC is to inspire and facilitate community transformation through working together in partnership across all sectors of the community, which is why we welcomed an opportunity to attend Movement Day and discuss from our experience the important role Churches and faith groups play.

On the 6th and 7th of October, over 1000 people arrived in London at the Methodist Central Hall in Westminster, from around the UK and from many international locations, from all Church backgrounds with the aim of exploring the role and potential of the church to unite and help transform culture in the UK.

The 2 day conference focused on 7 spheres of culture: business, media, education, arts, religion, family and politics. And our own Debra Green was co-presenting the conference with Roger Sutton and leading the ‘Safer Places’ track of the event, bringing in the expertise of speakers such as Lee Russell from the Christian Police Association, Paul Wilson from ROC South East, Paul Blakey from Street Angels, David Smart – Prevent coordinator (a part of National Counter Terrorism Policing) and Chief Constable Olivia Pinkney of Hampshire Police.

The track focused on how transformation can be measured by outcomes like crime reduction, fewer lonely people, less demand on emergency services and health care professionals, and fewer incidents of hate crime. Along with this, she touched on how we should be seeing more opportunities for young people to learn new skills, more trained mentors, befrienders and facilitators of restorative justice.

Debra also shared the struggle of how much time it takes to see transformation, and shared ROC’s knowledge around how to help the Church effectively develop partnerships with statutory authorities, public services, volunteers and other agencies to increase impact and help boost timescales.

Movement Day originated in the USA and is now in several countries. For more on the UK Movement Day look at facebook/movementdayuk, and if you’d like to learn more about ROC’s model for mobilising your community, get in touch. No matter what sector you represent: government agency, school, faith group, volunteer or simply a local resident – we’d love to hear from you.