My Work Experience So Far…

By Nicole Dawson Work-Placement Volunteer ROC Up in Blackpool supporting ROC Garden project in Blackpool

My experience so far within ROC has been an amazing five weeks as I have been able to bond with James and all the colleagues I have met throughout the five weeks being in meeting or in the office space. I was a shy and insecure person before coming on this work placement as I feel the colleagues that I have been associated with have made me feel welcomed into the charity and are very easy to bond with.

I have been given this placement through the Blackpool and Fylde College as a 10-week work experience opportunity, and I feel as this has been a great choice for me via the college’s behalf, as I have been assigned the role of the data collection for the project, as this helps me to gain valuable knowledge and experience that will help me to one day become an account. Through this role I have created surveys for residents relating to their garden transformations which is what ROC Garden provide to support the community in Blackpool. I also keep a track of all our other data collection, provide reports, mapping out the volunteer journey for new starters and linking in with all the other aspects of the project through other forms of administration too.

I would like to thank James Baker for giving me this opportunity as it has given me a better mind set to set goals that I am able to achieve throughout my future plans. So I have now got the motivation to succeed within my chosen career.