Passing It On – ROC Café Megain 23/04/2014

Passing it onIn a world of technology advancing at ferocious and unrelenting pace, I learned this week not to underestimate the beauty of passing on a traditional and practical skill to a younger generation. This was the last ROC Café meeting at Megain before Easter and in the absence of any outstanding homework, the young people might have been at a loose end for the hour usually dedicated to help with studies.





So what to do instead? We could have sat round a table playing with our smart-phones and furiously facebooking and out-flappy-birding each other but then it doesn’t really allow for much uplifting or positive input into young lives.

Instead ROC Café worker Karen Porter brought her sewing machine and taught the girls to sew. The interaction was so personal, patient and tactile. Karen would demonstrate the task but always insist the girls learnt the subtle intricacy of it for themselves. They loved it, not only the quick mastery of a new practical skill, but the gentle encouragement and sense of achievement. We all felt the loss of these workshops to the school curriculum was a shame!

Anyway, the girls took their new homemade cushions away with them. The lads played football as usual, but here… maybe they’ll get involved next term!

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