Project Insight: Community Mentoring

National Development Manager Amy gives us some inspiring insight into one of our ROC + COACH Community Mentoring projects currently underway in Nottingham. 

Last Monday, on a drizzly Manchester morning, I made the journey over to the lovely and sunny Nottingham town of Beeston.

Picking Paul up from the station on my way, we were visiting Beth and Andy who head up the Community Church Nottingham ROC+COACH community mentoring project.

Andy and Beth have been developing the project over the last 2 years, coming alongside families to mentor them; supporting them to grow in confidence and resilience and helping them to set goals and achieve them. And it’s working; they are seeing such encouraging breakthroughs in the families they’re working with.

Their passion for community is infectious and, best of all, authentic. As we walked along Beeston High Street to grab a bite to eat, a second didn’t seem to go by without Andy or Beth seeing and warmly greeting someone they knew along the way.

We were also fortunate enough to be joined by Jordan and Joanne. Jordan has recently been trained as a youth mentor and is working with young people, mentoring them during such a critical time in their growth as individuals.

Joanne is a local GP who has partnered with the project to refer in families she’s sees in her work. She looks out for those families who feel they would benefit from a ‘friend with a purpose’ who can come alongside them, help them see their way through challenges and emerge stronger.

Over our last cup of tea before heading home, we let ourselves dream big about the future and left more excited than ever about how we could see even more families empowered by this fantastic project.

What an encouraging way to spend a Monday.