Redeeming Our Communities is committed to the safeguarding of all their associated project users, volunteers & staff. Working for the betterment of communities and people within those communities is at the heart of what we do. This commitment is nowhere better highlighted than in our vision statement: ‘People of goodwill, working together for safer, kinder communities’

ROC – Safeguarding Guidance to ROC Partners (2015)

Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility – we all have a part to play in preventing abuse and maltreatment or responding appropriately to it if and when it comes to our attention.

Redeeming Our Communities (ROC) has committed to providing as much assistance as it can to all ROC Partners to encourage a solid foundation on which to build. However, the National Management Team are clear that this should not be interpreted locally as an opportunity to reduce any sense of responsibility or duty of care that must be taken to uphold the principles and practices of safeguarding within the local delivery partner. All lead partners are expected to have an operational safeguarding policy and have ensured all workers and leaders have attended/undertaken appropriate training.

Although we all have a collective and individual responsibility to look out for the welfare of the vulnerable people around us, there is a special responsibility placed upon the local lead partner to lead by example and to ensure that their leadership team, staff and volunteers are all able to see and play their part.

ROC is a registered member of CCPAS (The Churches’ Child Protection Advisory Service); and together with CCPAS, ROC has compiled the following Safeguarding Guidance Policy for all ROC Project Partners to ensure they adhere to locally. You can download a copy by clicking the link above.


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