We are now 8 months into our new journey as part of the ROC family. ROC Angels is supporting 88 active projects and helping new projects set up in Conwy District, Creamfields South, Bridlington and Nantwich. Below is a snapshot of what some of our projects are up to but do follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date with ROC Angels and our amazing local projects.

Here are some of the headlines!

ROC Angels featured on UCB1 Hour of Prayer which was broadcast over 5 days and prayed for our range of projects including Street Angels, Festival Angels, chaplaincy, Club Angels, Soundcheck, Community Angels and more. You can re-listen to the prayers via streetangels.org.uk/news

Scarborough’s Youth Angels, with Kay Wilkinson the Youth Angels Coordinator, met with the Prince & Princess of Wales and spent 15 minutes talking about Youth Work. Afterwards Prince William suggested taking this photograph. Brilliant! Well done to the Youth Angels team!

Guildford Street Angels received a Special Contribution Award at the Best Bar None Awards. Read more in this article.

Huddersfield Street Angels held a thank you celebration for the work and impact of the volunteers over 15 years.

Watford has received the Purple Flag Award with the Street Angels part of this process.  Areas awarded the Purple Flag are recognised for providing a vibrant and diverse mix of dining, entertainment and culture while promoting the safety and wellbeing of visitors and local residents.

Gateshead Mighty Oaks have shared the history of the project up to the current time where the World Cup is seeing the numbers of people out and about in the town return to 2019 levels. Read the history here.

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