ROC-Arts-MailThis summer saw the launch of a brand new ROC project! ROC Arts.

Why did we do it?


Parents have told us that there is a lack of interesting and engaging leisure activities for children in the summer holidays, and Sarah Mhlanga, the project co-ordinator reported that; “A lot of families were feeling a little isolated, being out of school routine with little contact with other families. Young people also often face a lack of positive role models and inappropriate media influences.” Partner organisations like the Police and Fire Services tell us that crime and anti-social behaviour is higher in the school holidays because of boredom.

Expressive Arts

‘ROC Arts’ provides constructive and exciting activities for children to do during the summer holidays by providing necessary child-care and supervision so that parents can go to work. Whilst at the same time as being supervised, their children are learning a new skill.

Children also developed a healthy self-esteem by feeling that they have achieved something, for example, learning a dance routine, a song or a piece of drama. Arts are a great way to improve confidence and teach things like team work and communication skills.
The young people developed skills such as singing, dancing or drama  and the teachers are able to show a positive example and act as role models.

This project is designed to bring families, communities, parents and children together.

Dance small