ROC Cafe Extension

In September 2017 we held a community engagement event in Holts, Oldham.

The aim of the event was to meet the community and explore ways of working together and identifying solutions to community needs.

It was fantastic to be hosted by St Hugh’s CE Primary school and to be welcomed by the Head teacher Lynn Boulton.

The whole community were invited to attend and guests included Superintendent Danny Inglis from Oldham Police, Jax Effiong from Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue, Suzanne Knapper from First Choice Housing and Denise Francis from the Holts and Lees Community team.

One of the top community needs which was identified at the community conversation was lack of community space and activities.

ROC was able to secure funding to employ 2 part-time coordinators. Over the last 3 years we have been running a small community café running from a shop unit, and a whole variety of activities take place including; guitar classes, a homework club, Healthy Holts, a sewing course, bread and butter foodbank, kids holiday club and employment hub. Kaylee, who lives on the estate, runs the community café, training up volunteers and working with locals to provide a space they can use to run activities in the community. 

Funding was secured in 2019 from the proceeds of crime to extend the space taking it from just a café to a café and community centre. This space has been designed to be a flexible space where a variety of different activities can take place, which will engage the whole community. The extension will be completed in the autumn of 2020.