“The key to being a good mentor is to help people become more of who they already are – not to make them more like you” Suze Orman

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]A new project has recently been birthed at the ROC HQ: ROC Champions.

This brilliant new scheme is a term time, age appropriate, socially relevant scheme aimed at those interested in making new friends, enjoying fun activities, growing in confidence, helping other peers and getting involved in team work.

Why are we so excited? Because we love to make a difference in the lives of all in the community and when reaching children, we’re reaching the next generation. Let’s prepare them with positive life skills and confidence; let’s inspire them to be a valuable and necessary part of the community.

Developed by Sarah Mhlanga and Ellie Palma-Cass, ROC Mentor Co-Ordinators, the project is aimed at young people aged between 11-16 years old.

We believe many young people never really feel like they have the opportunity to excel in anything, be it academic or sports or the arts. We have created an opportunity for every young person to excel. They can become a CHAMPION by training to be a ROC CHAMPION Peer Buddy Mentor.

The Co-Ordinators will train the ROC Champion Peer Buddies in the necessary skills they will need to be a good mentor to their mentee.

Their ROC Champion’s mentee will ideally be two or three school years younger and rely on their mentor for encouragement, guidance and friendship. After the training has taken place the mentor/mentee relationship will develop further during Creative Arts workshops with the aim to not only instil confidence into the mentee but to support them in building life skills.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]