ROC Chelmsford 09/04/2014

ROC Chelmsford 01Communities held a community consultation event in Chelmsford back in November 2013 to discuss the needs in the local area. It was a hugely successful evening, with representatives from many agencies including the Police, Council, Fire service, churches and community groups, homeless agencies in attendance.
CGC Chelmsford is a local based church in the city who will be the leading church driving the project forward in the city. CGC is passionate about people and meeting expressed needs in and around the city and has a proven track record in working with youth, the vulnerable and providing excellent support for the community it works into. We are hugely excited about partnering with other churches and organisations in the City to make a real difference.

Chelmsford 03A fantastic building in the city centre with a ground footage of 7000sqm has been identified and the police and council have been very supportive in our push to acquire the building. The owner of the building is also keen to support our bid and we have been negotiating figures with the estate agent. We are currently finalising our bid to the PCC who has encouraged us to apply to his office for £23k which will meet costs for year one and allow us to invest into building a coffee shop, youth equipment and activities for the elderly and vulnerable in the City. Our long term vision is to get sponsorship from local businesses and use the ROC building as an opportunity to draw the city closer together in working together.

Chelmsford 02Our relationship with senior representatives in the police and council is excellent and we have been able to discuss how we can meet need. We have put together a management group that will help with the development of ROC which incorporates multiple agencies which will meet regularly and our hope is we gain the building in July time ready for another ROC conversation where we can invite back everyone who attended Novembers conversation and show them what has been done and discuss how we can partner going forward. The hope is we launch in September.

Stu Alleway
CGC Chelmsford Community Pastor


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