Chesterfield Update

ROC Chesterfield

ROC ChesterfieldA team from Chesterfield, Simon, Toyin, and Jane came to visit ROC HQ on Monday. The ROC Café youth club at Grace Chapel has been running for a few months and is doing great work with local youths.

ROC Chesterfield held a launch event on the 20th of September – to  see the article click here

Simon has set up a ROC office and has been busy networking with agencies across the town. They updated us regarding all the projects which are in the planning;

ROC Football  – for the Grangewood area of Chesterfield.

ROC Care Chesterfield – a Conversation is happening with Age Concern and Chesterfield volunteer centre around a drop in centre for lonely , isolated older people. The Project is opening on March 16th and volunteers training on 9th Feb at the Church called Church in the Peak.

They are also planning a ROC Centre which will include a “ROC On” project involving employment training and skills working with NEET and young offenders.


Contact – Simon Robinson [email protected]