We had our ROC Conversation community engagement event for Fleetwood on February 28th 2024.

We were packed to capacity at The North Euston Hotel with standing room only!

The evening went so well and civic guests included;

  • Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner Andy Pratt,
  • Chief Superintendent Gladwin,
  • Rebecca Huddleston Chief exec Wyre Council,
  • Superintendent Craig Kelshaw,
  • Inspector Martin Wyatt,
  • Dave McPartlin Headteacher Flakefleet,
  • Dr Mark Spencer Healthier Fleetwood,
  • Deputy Lieutenant Mrs Andrea Challis,
  • Sgt Andrew Hill.

We also had grass roots organisations including Street Angels, ROC Garden services, Christian Police Association, Healthier Fleetwood, Lancashire Police, Lancs Civic Society, Fishermen’s Friends, Wyre Council, lots of churches came too and many more organisations as well as residents.

Action Groups are now being formed to undertake the ideas suggested on the evening.

In two weeks we will be doing the same thing in Portsmouth.