ROC Conversation is a community engagement event with results. It aims to bring together members of the local community, including representatives from community groups, Police Service, Fire and Rescue, NHS, local authority, MPs, Housing Associations, churches and faith based groups, Universities, Colleges and schools and many other agencies. We have developed a successful model with over 150 consultations already under taken and have the expertise to offer agencies who wish to engage with their local community.


During the conversation a consultation will take place based on the answers from some key questions like:

  • Where are the existing gaps / needs in the community?
  • What are the potential solutions and how ROC projects help?
  • What ideas do you have for how we can work together in the future?
  • What do you have to offer as an individual in terms of skills, expertise, time, etc?

We always want to take the time to celebrate the good work that is already going on in the community by discussing what groups, activities, provisions there are that take place in your community.

We map these out to promote awareness and encourage partnerships.


The fundamental part of the ROC Conversation is listening to what you have to say. Your feedback is very important in helping develop the right partnerships for the projects that will benefit your community.




A ROC Conversation is a structured community engagement event that invites members of the community to gather and discuss the specific needs of their community, and explore practical ways of meeting those needs.

All members of the local community: school and youth representatives, church & faith groups, police and fire services, local Councillors, MP’s, local volunteer groups and anyone with a desire to positively impact the community they live in.

  • To connect and engage local community members, volunteers and statutory agencies
  • To celebrate all the good things taking place in the community
  • To raise awareness of the needs of the community
  • To explore possible solutions and resources required to meet current needs
  • To create a network of people passionate about improving the community they live in
  • To identify specific skillsets and resources already in the community
  • To facilitate and inspire the birth of new projects in the community

Before the Conversation we provide:

A single ROC contact to liaise with a local coordinating team to help plan & deliver the event.
We conduct area research to invite members from local agencies, police, voluntary sector, churches & key community members.
Email marketing, media releases, promotional materials & relevant social media advertising.
Full set up & administration of event registration.
Event name badges and table seating plans.
Briefings for Civic dignitaries and any other high profile guests involved in the event.
PowerPoint for the Coordinating team to assist them in promoting the event / recruitment.
Advance briefings appropriate to the event

During the Conversation

Pre-event team briefing
Assistance with sign in
Lead speaker / presenter & ROC event support team
Presentation and graphics
Technical Floor Manager responsible for live production of audio visual
Additional sound and visual equipment if needed
Live social media broadcasting (location allowing)
All paperwork, maps, badges, pens & conference materials needed
Event debrief

After the Conversation

Collate and review responses from the delegates
Provide contact info for all members interested in forming a follow up network / enabling team
Supply the enabling team with all the raw data from the evening
Ongoing consultation support for the enabling team as they meet and develop action plans

In addition to the above, we also produce and distribute (by email) a summary of the evening typically including:
– Forward by Debra Green OBE
– Information on the ROC Program & Projects
– Common themes from table feedback given on the night
– Quick win project ideas
– Contact information of local enabling team

The purpose of the ROC Conversation is always to work with the organisations already doing good work in their community. The model of the ROC Conversation is designed to highlight where there are still needs in the community so as not to duplicate existing work. We look to explore how existing organisations and community members can work together, possibly with additional guidance from ROC, to meet those needs.

We are passionate about community transformation and the important role community based asset development plays in making your community a safer, kinder place to live.

We don’t charge out the full cost of providing our services but we do request a £3000* contribution raised by the hosting group to part fund our work.

Consider raising this as a joint group initiative between organisations within your community, contact local businesses, your Police and Crime Commissioner or other Local Authorities to explore the possibility of tapping into budgets available for community development projects.

*For conversations taking place in more distant or remote areas, expenses up to a maximum of £500 may apply.

ROC is a facilitator and proven catalyst for community transformation. We have developed specialist expertise relating to a vast array of community projects thanks to 12 years’ experience working in the field of asset based community development. This expertise spans project sustainability, compliance requirements, specialist project consulting, national networking & fundraising practices.

Working with ROC not only offers you an opportunity to tap into the knowledge and creativity of a nationwide network of volunteers, but our proven track record has also fostered a strong reputation with statutory agencies that can often open doors to funding opportunities and mutually beneficial partnerships.

ROC brings your community together in a unique way and makes use of the passion, energy and capacity of its members to give your community the best possible chance at becoming a safer, kinder place to live.

If you have any questions about a ROC Conversation or any of our other projects, please contact us