ROC Exeter Buddy Scheme at Respect Festival 11/06/2014

The team had a great time exhibiting the Buddy Scheme at the Exeter Respect Festival, a free two day event that attracts thousands of visitors from around the region.

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The festival was a buzzing and colourful event, very busy, but we enjoyed spending the afternoon listening to music from the Festival tent close by and meeting some interesting people sharing with them about the aims of ROC nationally and the Buddy Scheme locally.

We were also privileged to be exhibiting alongside the Office of Police and Crime Commissioner for Devon & Cornwall.

Meanwhile we are also making inroads with the Buddy Scheme itself, taking the scheme into North Devon and further outside Exeter. The agencies in the county are 100% supportive of the scheme and have offered to facilitate volunteer training for other projects around Devon.

We are planning to begin launching new schemes in the Autumn time.

For more information about the ROC Exeter Buddy Scheme contact [email protected]