ROC Family Mentors

The ROC family mentors scheme offers much needed support for families. One such scheme is thriving in Taunton Deane. It started following the ROC Conversation in 2018.
Watch the video to find out more.
And read these stories from some of the wonderful mentees;

“It’s been so nice to have someone to talk to. There has been no judgement at all. My mentor has really helped me to build new skills and I now enjoy baking which I never did before having a mentor. It is really helping my confidence. I have made an apple cake, scones and bread, maybe I should start a business! She has also helped me to be a better parent.”

“I would be lost without you. You have kept in touch all through lockdown and have been an amazing help. You have picked me up when I felt down, been a really good person to talk to and have been a great support to all of the family. You are a wonderful person, like a friend but better”!

It’s so fantastic to see positive outcomes in a time where we see so much of the opposite. Positive connection & relationship through mentoring is powerful!