ROC Mentors

What is ROC Community Mentoring?

ROC Community Mentoring is a scheme which trains and supports volunteers in the delivery of a community strengthening programme. It aims to empower disadvantaged young people and families and build resilience in individuals through one-to-one mentoring.

The Aim

  • To Support families/young people in need of help
  • To empower those families/young people to make positive life choices
  • To improve resilience & self esteem and personal wellbeing
  • To successfully complete the programme

How it works

  1. Choose your focus – Young People or Families
  2. Appoint a co-ordinator
  3. Recruit a team of volunteer mentors
  4. Undergo professional training
  5. Matching with the need
  6. Mentoring
  7. Monitoring outcomes
  8. Ongoing support


  • Professional training to deliver high impact, goal focussed mentoring
  • Assistance setting up a safe and effective programme
  • Ongoing support & access to resources
  • Membership of a national mentoring network across the UK

Measuring Success

  • Does the family/young person referred complete the programme?
  • Do they achieve their own objectives?
  • Impact upon resilience & self esteem and personal wellbeing
  • Qualitative feedback

A series of tragic events set my life on a different path. I felt a failure. ROC Mentoring embraced my whole family. My daughter was struggling at school and is now at university. I got really good marks and passed the entry exam for university to study medicine. That was after being at home bringing up my 5 children for the previous 14 years. Now my life is so different. My heart is open to new possibilities. I feel focused and strong and a part of the community.

Ali's Story

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