ROC Mentors

What is ROC Mentors?

ROC Mentors is a community strengthening programme equipping churches to support families and young people through one to one mentoring. Mentoring enables individuals to cope better with challenges that they are facing, helping them thrive and reach their full potential by achieving life goals.
ROC mentors are everyday people who are trained by our staff to use their life experience and skills to be a ‘friend with purpose’. They come alongside parents and young people, helping them reach life goals and improve their resilience and wellbeing. Goals can include improving their confidence and wellbeing, helping them with their parenting skills, or being better connected with their community.
We find ROC Mentors is very effective in bringing positive change, with 81% of participants achieving at least one significant life goal and 57% better engaged in their community.

The Aim

  • To Support families/young people in need of help
  • To empower those families/young people to make positive life choices
  • To improve resilience & self esteem and personal wellbeing
  • To improve resilience, self esteem and personal wellbeing

How it works

  1. Choose your focus – Young People or Families
  2. Appoint a co-ordinator
  3. Recruit a team of volunteer mentors
  4. Undergo professional training
  5. Matching with the need
  6. Mentoring
  7. Monitoring outcomes
  8. Ongoing support


  • High impact, goal focused mentoring.
  • Professional mentoring training provided by ROC
  • Assistance setting up a safe and effective programme.
  • Ongoing support & access to resources.
  • Membership of a mentoring network across the UK.

ROC works in partnership with the global mentoring organisation COACH Australia.

Measuring Success

  • Does the family/young person referred complete the programme?
  • Do they achieve their own objectives?
  • Impact upon resilience & self esteem and personal wellbeing
  • Qualitative feedback

A series of tragic events set my life on a different path. I felt a failure. ROC Mentoring embraced my whole family. My daughter was struggling at school and is now at university. I got really good marks and passed the entry exam for university to study medicine. That was after being at home bringing up my 5 children for the previous 14 years. Now my life is so different. My heart is open to new possibilities. I feel focused and strong and a part of the community.

Ali's Story

I have the privilege of overseeing a team of wholehearted mentors who come alongside their mentees with kindness, understanding and wisdom. We have seen courageous and resilient mentees move towards their goals with determination and focus, accomplishing more than they thought possible. It is truly a privilege to coordinate this programme!


ROC Mentors Coordinator

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If you would like more information about the ROC Mentors project and how you can get one started in your area, contact our ROC Mentors team.