The ROC National Conference 2023, themed “Go Deeper,” unfolded at the picturesque Yarnfield Park conference centre in Staffordshire, leaving a lasting impression on attendees who gathered from across England, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland. The diversity in the crowd itself became a significant highlight, reflecting the unity and shared purpose of the ROC community.

One of the standout features of the conference was the soul-stirring worship sessions led by renowned musicians Lou, Nathan, and Jesse Fellingham, along with Noel Robinson and Mike Ephrah. The heavenly atmosphere set the stage for a unique blend of practical tools for social transformation and moments of profound spiritual connection with God.

The conference kicked off with an insightful overview of ROC and its various projects, presented by Debra. Among the celebrated moments was the 18th birthday of Street Angels, now an integral part of ROC, marked with joyous festivities during the conference.

Josh Green, representing 24-7 Prayer, took the stage on the first night, laying the foundation for the conference’s theme by challenging attendees to invest time in prayer. The diverse lineup of speakers added depth and richness to the event, featuring names like Robert Mountford, Laina Cooling, Mat Eason, Paul Blakey, James Baker, Pam and Niall Fulton, and Jet Jones.

Dr. Andy Knox, a prominent speaker at the conference, delved into the challenges communities face with health inequalities, drawing insights from his new book, ‘Sick Society.’ His presentation sparked thoughtful discussions and highlighted the urgent need for addressing health disparities.

Amidst the serious discussions, attendees found moments of lightness, with Status Quo making a surprise appearance in the bar. The delectable food offerings also left a lasting impression, leading some to humorously dub the conference as ‘Go Wider.’

As the conference concluded, the anticipation for next year lingered in the air. The impact of the ROC National Conference 2023 went beyond the informative sessions—it fostered a sense of unity, inspiration, and a collective commitment to making a positive impact on society. Here’s to eagerly awaiting what the next ROC National Conference has in store for its diverse and dedicated community!