National community engagement charity, Redeeming Our Communities (ROC) launched in Northern Ireland in May 2012. ROC’s dream is to transform the whole nation from the grassroots through our unique Asset-Based Community Development programme. We work with existing community groups, agencies, local activists and positively motivated residents, helping them discover each other and find new ways to collaborate by pooling resources for the common good.

Action Groups

ROC Action Groups are formed after a ROC Conversation. These multi-agency groups meet regularly helping to strengthen community connections, foster new partnerships and deliver new collaborative community initiatives. Action Groups are supported by the ROC Team with regular capacity building webinars and training available.

Project Can Do is a positive community initiative helping improve basic life skills, reduce isolation, improve health and wellbeing and build stronger community connections. The four to six week programme is tailored to your community needs with four themes to choose from: community connections, community safety, cost of living or health & wellbeing.

ROC Mentors is a community strengthening programme equipping churches to support families and young people through one-to-one mentoring. The mentoring process enables individuals to cope better with the challenges they are facing, helping them thrive and reach their full potential by achieving life goals. ROC Mentors are everyday people who are trained to use their life experience and skills to be a ‘friend with a purpose’. They come alongside parents and young people, helping them reach life goals and improve their resilience and wellbeing by using the COACH R.E.A.L model.

Compassion Projects

Since 2019, ROCNI has been empowering and supporting local communities to meet the practical needs through our Compassion Projects – the School Uniform Project and Winter Coat Project. These initiatives are environmentally friendly, generate positive community spirit and encourage active citizenship.

During the summer months, community venues are transformed into pop-up shops providing good-quality pre-loved uniform items for nursery, primary and post-primary schools donated by the local community. Families can pick out uniforms such as blazers, shirts, trousers, PE Kits, shoes and bags for the new school year.

Since launching in 2022, over 5000 coats as well hats, scarves and gloves have been given away at ROC Winter Coat Projects in Northern Ireland. A warm coat is a must for all and with the rising cost of living crisis continuing to impact family finances, the project seeks to provide practical support to those finding life tough.

Similarly to the School Uniform Project, the ROC Winter Coat Project collects good quality pre-loved winter weather clothing such as coats, hats, scarves and gloves for children, teenagers and adults. These are then given away at a pop-up event in community venue.

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