You will all know only too well that the current ‘Covid 19′ crisis has presented a massive challenge to communities across the nation and indeed across the globe. At ROC we have been in discussion with a number of local authorities and partners across the country as to how we can best respond through the ROC & Coach Mentoring project. It is clear that the impact on families is huge, with well-being and mental health suffering as people have struggled to cope with the very necessary but restrictive lockdown response to the virus.

The discussions with local authorities up and down the country have revealed that many families are desperate for help, desperate not just for a listening ear and friendly voice, but are crying out for more structured help and support. Sadly, many families who were already struggling to cope are now in real need as isolation and social distancing has taken effect.

Discussion with local authorities has led to us launching a new ‘ROC Tele-Mentors’ scheme in response to the present crisis. We are using mentors who have already been trained as part of our regular mentoring scheme. The scheme is intended to be a short term response to ‘Covid 19’ which will run for a period of 20 weeks to support families in the community.

The scheme launched on June 15th in several locations including; Reading, Taunton, Nottingham, Sussex, Ashton-Under-Lyne, Stockport, and Letchworth.

The scheme will provide a short term intervention to help families, not only to get through the present crisis but to see their way forward and begin to lay a positive foundation for the future. ROC Tele-mentors supports families for a maximum of 10 weeks, by means of on-line support via such means as FaceTime, Zoom, telephone, What’s App and Skype. Each mentoring session would last up to 40 minutes.

ROC has the UK franchise for COACH which is based in Australia.