ROC Up! Youth Initiative

ROC Up! is a free Youth initiative that we are excited to be piloting in the Trafford area. Two six week courses have been designed with a focus on developing job search and employment skills, social skills and increased education in health & fitness.

Each day of the course is focused on a different element of training linked directly to employment opportunities in the locality that the young people themselves have identified as relevant through our consultations.  Initially these are planned to include working in the food and service industries. Participants will learn various skills across multiple disciplines and have the opportunity to experience them hands on each day. This keeps the learning engaging and relevant to our participants.

What will this project achieve?

The project has been designed to ensure that the outcomes for young people include:

  • Increased confidence and self-esteem.
  • Improved educational attainment, gaining qualification.
  • Improved practical, interpersonal and organisational skills.
  • Improved relationships within communities.
  • Opportunity to broaden horizons by providing young people with alternatives and be a catalyst for them to get involved with other activities.
  • Opportunity to reflect on current and future circumstances and address issues that may be affecting their lives and wellbeing.
  • Remain in Education, progress to FE, HE or employment.
  • Improve retention, attendance, outcomes, reduce exclusions.

The young people that receive the support will be encouraged as part of this programme to become peer mentors themselves.  These young people will have the opportunity to shape the programme through a user’s group that we will operate.  This will ensure that we will get those we are trying to help improve the programme as we deliver it.  This will increase their self-confidence and encourage them to own the project which in turn will increase its value and credibility to their peers leading to increase participation in future programmes.