ROC Angels

What is The ROC Angels

Empowering local people of goodwill to work together for safer stronger communities.

The Aim:

To equip volunteer teams to serve communities through projects that work such as Street Angels, Festival Angels, chaplaincy, etc.

To work with a wide range of partner agencies to best serve the community and people.

To celebrate and promote incredible work carried out within the grassroots of communities that often help change a culture in terms of alcohol related violence and A&E admissions.

To provide resources and ideas that help projects reach out into local communities in new and creative ways.

How It Works

For existing projects ROC Angels provides support, encouragement, resources, networking and celebration that helps make the project stronger.

For those interested in starting a Street / Club / Festival / Community Angels we can walk you through the steps involved and offer support, guidance and resources to move from idea to reality.

ROC Angels also provides resources such as Alcohol and Safety Educational Resource, and #Do1NiceThing.

Why ROC Angels

ROC Angels is an umbrella that equips, resources, supports and celebrates local grassroots projects.

We believe that a local team will know the local community they serve far better than a national organisation, however sometimes that extra level of guidance and help is needed, and this is where ROC Angels can stand with you. We can help with the development and launch of new projects as well as those who have existed for many years.

ROC Angels helps a local project be part of a movement that is bigger. Together we are stronger and can speak as one voice around issues that affect us all. Our unity helps when we engage with decision makers and influencers.

ROC Angels offer opportunity to share your local happenings across the ROC Angels family and to our many partner organisations and friends. We want to celebrate with you, share what your local project is doing and give opportunity for networking.

ROC Angels is a family of local projects, coordinators and volunteers who are there to support, pray and encourage one another as we make our streets, nightclubs, pubs, festivals and communities like new again.

I wanted to say what a great job you and the Festival Angels did over the weekend…. my daughter felt very safe and welcome in the cafe and was singing your praises. Fortunately she’s got a good head on her shoulders and was ok but it sounds like it’s chaos there. Well done for your efforts, it really is appreciated

The work of Faith groups supporting their communities is essential to the wellbeing of our society. Organisations like the Police are finding it harder and harder to meet all the demands that are put on them and they need the support of churches and faith groups to assist them in helping those in need. This may be providing a helping hand, or flip flops and a bottle of water, in a time of crisis or a listening ear and emotional support in someone’s darkest hour. The work of the Street Angels is appreciated by the police and by the whole community. Thank you.

Paul Netherton

Former Deputy Chief Constable Devon and Cornwall Police

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We would love to hear from you if you’re interested in finding out more about our ROC projects. Email us for more information on how to get involved.