Safer, kinder communities

ROC’s mission is to increase community resilience by inspiring and supporting groups to work together towards making their community a safer, kinder place to live.

The road to achieving this starts with a ROC Conversation – a structured community engagement event that brings together local people to celebrate all the good things happening in their community and explore practical ways of doing more.

We have conducted over 160 ROC Conversations to date and have used that experience to craft a unique yet simple model that enables local people to collaborate and take action towards making a positive and lasting difference in their community.

This autumn we have a number of ROC Conversations planned, and if you are near-by then why not join us to experience the buzz and productivity first hand and explore the potential of a ROC Conversation in your area:

Holts, Oldham on September 12th
Thanet, Kent on September 21st
Lees, Oldham on September 27th
Dawlish, Devon on October 12th

We are also excited to be holding three Conversations in Australia in October, but we’re guessing that might be too far to travel!

If you can’t make a local event then please contact us for more information – we’d love to hear from you and get a chance to talk about what we do and why we’re passionate about creating an opportunity to help you impact your community.