Standing Together

With increasing terror events heightening national tensions and threatening communities, there has never been a greater need for people to get together no matter their faith or background.

That’s why on Thursday 16 November we partnered with the Cheshire Constabulary to host ‘We stand together’ – a conference bringing everyone under one roof to understand and learn lessons from our faith communities in the light of the very real threat of divisiveness.

Its hard to capture or describe the incredible buzz and energy present throughout the day but you can get a taste for the enthusiasm through some video highlights below:

“Unless we stand together no matter our religion or beliefs, we risk losing not only who we are as a community, but risk isolating ourselves by increasing our fear. This conference was a brilliant way to bring everyone together to show our support for our diverse communities and our commitment across the faiths and non-faiths in standing together in times of adversity. I hope we can take away some of what we learnt today for the greater good.”

– Cheshire Police & Crime Commissioner, David Keane

By bringing together a diverse network of people who care about their community and those who serve the community in the statutory agencies, we believe it produces something very unique and powerful. When those who are passionate about working together to improve their local area engage and discuss the specific needs of their community, it leads to practical ways of meeting those needs.

One of the many tables collaborating ideas for their local community area.

For more information on how we can help you bring your community together at an event like this then please get in touch.