Endorsement Paul Netherton

Prayer does work

Some of the challenges facing society at present seem almost impossible to solve; drugs, gangs, knife crime and a society that has become more isolated and divided. The police are often the agency of last resort for many of these issues but all too often we can only respond and fail to deal with the causes of the problems and simply can’t provide the long term solutions. However, working with organisations like Redeeming our Communities across the country we can begin to make a difference. People of faith can begin to solve these social problems and the power of prayer does make a difference even when faced with some of the most challenging situations. Francis of Assisi when asked about dealing with what appeared an insurmountable problem once said “Start with what you can do, then do what’s possible and you will soon find you are doing the impossible”. People of faith taking action, backed by prayer does work and can transform our whole community.