The journey from conversation to action

If you follow our work closely you’ll know all about ROC Conversations – a unique community engagement event that invites people to gather and discuss the specific needs of their community, and explore practical ways of meeting those needs.

We get incredible feedback from those attending a ROC Conversation and we’re extremely proud of all the hard work that goes into delivering each event, but the conversation is just the beginning.  The real benefit of what we do, is seeing conversation turn into action.

A fundamental outcome of a ROC Conversation is the diverse Action group that is immediately formed to drive things forward after the event. The aim of the action group is to create a buzzing network of proactive people passionate about working together to transform their community.

A powerful example of this can be seen through the impact of Marple People, the action group resulting from a ROC Conversation in 2014.

Marple People met regularly after the event, clarified their vision and started small with some very powerful yet simple ways of meeting the needs in their community.

In line with their initiative to ‘weave the community together’ they created a ‘Postcards with teabags campaign’ that encouraged people to get to know their neighbours better.  They collated information on local volunteer groups and grew their network of contacts.  As momentum gathered, the scale of initiatives grew such as Food festivals, ‘Big Cafe’ Mornings, volunteer ‘Timebank’ programmes, community meals, and various activity and educational events addressing loneliness and offering networking opportunities for volunteer groups.

A visit to their Facebook page will give you an amazing taste for the community they are building – full of local events, meet ups, discussions and more recently a proud post about a brand new skate park with one comment that summarises the impact perfectly:

Amazing effort by everyone who has been involved in this project. Just shows what the community can do when they work together.

Photo: Tracy Mcguinness-Kelly

Congratulations Marple for the inspiring work and dedication towards creating a safer, kinder and cohesive community, we’re excited to continue our work with you through the upcoming ROC Centre.