A question that we frequently encounter is: “What comes after a ROC Conversation?” Our answer is simple yet profound – action. A ROC Conversation, our unique tool to empower communities, is merely the beginning of a transformative journey that we undertake together. Following every conversation, we believe in transforming dialogues into concrete initiatives, making a meaningful difference to the communities we serve.

This ideal was truly exemplified at our recent ROC Conversation in Telford. After the inspiring event in June, we committed to keep the momentum going, leading to the organization of an action group meeting on July 4th. We were heartened by the turnout, with the number of attendees surpassing our expectations – over 60 people participated, demonstrating the dedication of the community.

The atmosphere was buzzing, reflecting a palpable sense of enthusiasm and commitment to turning ideas into reality. The participants engaged in productive discussions, delving into four main issues impacting the local community; homelessness, mental health, youth engagement, and the cost of living crisis.

Each of these topics were examined carefully, with everyone keen on identifying both quick wins and long-term solutions. What emerged from these talks was not just a range of promising initiatives, but an informed and dedicated group of citizens ready to confront the challenges their community faces.

We are delighted to announce that Matt Beer, the Vicar of Telford Minster, has graciously agreed to lead the action group moving forward. Matt’s leadership and dedication to the community make him the perfect candidate to guide this passionate group of people on their mission to effect change.

The initial meeting has already led to the establishment of four active sub-groups, each devoted to one of the four identified key themes. These sub-groups will continue the task of addressing these crucial issues, following the path laid out in the ROC Conversation.

Our journey has just begun. The dialogue has evolved into action, providing the blueprint for change. What started as a conversation has quickly become a grassroots movement, and we look forward to seeing the fruits of this dedicated community work in Telford.

The ROC Conversation, followed by action, is proof of our belief in the power of communities to shape their own futures. By coming together, discussing, and acting, we can all contribute to building stronger, safer, and more cohesive communities. Stay tuned to this space to keep up with the progress made by our action groups, and discover how you can get involved in a ROC Conversation near you.