Our team leader stopped in a Slough supermarket this morning to buy us some cupasoups. The lady next to her in the queue commented on the quantity and she explained that we carry hot flasks and make the soups fresh for those on the street, always with a selection of flavors as we know many like to have the choice.

The lady mentioned how she always tries to support rough sleepers too, because you never know when you might be in need. She then asked where our team leader worked and was told about our charity and volunteering with Windsor Street Angels.

The lady’s face lit up with recognition – she said we had helped her daughter lots of times. Her daughter would come home with the flip flops we had given her, and it always gave the lady comfort knowing there were people looking out for her daughter and friends.

The man behind the checkout chimed in that he too had been helped by us when he was in a bad state a few years back. Though his dad hadn’t appreciated the late night call to come get him, without our intervention he wouldn’t have gotten home safe.

What an amazing, serendipitous conversation about the impact our Angels have through simple acts of compassionate service. We love hearing back from those we’ve helped, whether it was a lollipop when you were fighting tears, a smile when you felt alone, flip flops when your feet ached, first aid when you were vulnerable.

For those whose parents or loved ones we’ve called, they may not have appreciated the timing but we know they’d want you home safe. When people ask why we volunteer, our reasons differ but we’re united in caring for everyone out at night – getting people home safely and comforting those without homes.

Why not join us? Volunteering could lead to warm, fuzzy supermarket chats for you too!

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