Thousands Pray Over Gang Violence

Back in 2008, we made BBC headline news. The headline was 1000’s praying about gang violence.
Churches from across the city gathered at the Velodrome to pray about the spate of gang violence. At the time Debra was heading up City Links and Prayer Network which eventually led to starting ROC in 2014.
The prayer gathering had a massive impact in the City, famously recorded by the Manchester Evening News in January 2009 headline ‘Is this the end of Gunchester?’
This week we have been at the Greater Manchester Prayer night at Audacious church. Over 1000 people from different churches gathered to pray about the massive issue of knife crime which is sweeping the nation.
The evening included an interview with the Mayor, Andy Burnham. A team from ROC attended and it was the official launch of Debra’s new book Mountain Moving Prayer.
Prayer is a powerful first step which can change the spiritual atmosphere over communities and we have seen God answer powerfully many times!