United by Purpose

I recently had the pleasure of attending the Spring Harvest festival in Skegness where I had an opportunity to share some of the foundational work of ROC and the role that unity plays within our vision and strategy. Spring Harvest is one of the largest Christian Festival weeks attracting thousands of people over the Easter period each year.

The interview focussed on how much more effective we are when we are united by purpose, and presented a chance to talk about the tangible ways we harness unity in helping create safer, kinder communities.

Without unity there’s no progress – which is why as a Charity we strive so hard to bring people of goodwill together to work towards a common goal.

Our ROC Conversations not only bring people together physically, collaboration on the evening within a neutral environment, and the opportunity to express individual ideas and pool resources, creates an incredible sense of unity.  Unity needs preserving as well as creating, which is why we help communities set up a diverse Action group immediately after the event armed with suggestions of how best to move forward to meet the key needs raised.

Unity doesn’t just happen, it needs organising and cultivating and that’s what we’re continually striving to achieve at ROC as part of our heart and passion for communities throughout the UK.

Debra Green
Founding Director
Redeeming Our Communities