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On Wednesday 10th September the FUSE opened its doors to invite the communities of Partington

and surrounding areas to enjoy a day of fun, games, face painting and to share their ideas about what they

would like to see the building and facilities used for. The Ideas board should keep us busy for a while!

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Families and young people came from 2pm to 7pm to enjoy

activities such as circus skills, drama, football, boot camp,

face painting, bouncy castle and much, much more!

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Our aim now is to get The Fuse centre open and busy offering a variety of activities to suit the whole

community with a special emphasis on young people. A group for primary school Year 4-6 has already started

every Monday from 5.30pm-7.30pm. We hope to start a ROC Football club on Wednesdays.

The football pitch is already regularly used by a few local teams. To check out the facilities;

Click here

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