The ROC Telford Conversation that unfolded on June 8th, 2023, left a lasting impact on the community. As a pivotal follow-up, four action groups were established, each focusing on critical aspects: mental health, youth, cost of living crisis, and homelessness. In particular, the group dedicated to the concerns of young people recently orchestrated a Youth Conversation, bringing together students from four different schools across Telford.

Event Highlights:

The event witnessed the active participation of over 40 students spanning various age groups. Notable figures, including Nick Stansfield from Telford Minster, Sgt Rich Jones from West Mercia Police, and the esteemed High Sheriff, graced the occasion. The collaboration between police cadets and the Youth Engagement Team added a unique dynamic to the gathering.

Insights Unveiled: During the Youth Conversation, the participants were posed with a poignant question: “What problems and issues do you see amongst your generation in your community?” Sgt Rich Jones shed light on the diverse range of responses by sharing a word cloud visualization, capturing the essence of the students’ perspectives.

Reflections from Sgt Rich Jones:

Sgt Rich Jones expressed his thoughts on the event, stating, “One question we asked them was, what problems and issues do you see amongst your generation in your community? I’ve attached a word cloud how they answered that.” This visual representation serves as a powerful testament to the genuine concerns and insights voiced by the youth of Telford.

Closing Thoughts:

The ROC Telford Youth Conversation stands as a beacon of youth empowerment and community engagement. The collaboration between educational institutions, law enforcement, and community leaders underscores the commitment to addressing the challenges faced by the younger generation. As Telford continues to foster open dialogues and collaborative initiatives, the seeds of positive change are sown, promising a brighter future for all.