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We rely on volunteers to make our projects work. If you are interested in helping out with a project, or would like to learn more about volunteering with ROC in general, then please sign up using the form below – we’d love to hear from you.

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Current Opportunities

ROC Restore Facilitator

Volunteers will undertake 3-day training which is nationally accredited and includes simulated role plays. Further 6-weekly refresher training will provide the opportunity to discuss real-life cases to encourage and develop good practice and provide support for volunteers.

Once a suitable referral has been received from an agency such as housing providers, police or the council, the ROC Restore Coordinator will refer this on to two trained volunteer facilitators who will work together throughout the case. Facilitators will arrange initials visits with each party to discuss the incidents and issues involved and then look to arrange a face to face meeting where all parties come together.

Volunteer facilitators will use the tools acquired during their accredited training to facilitate the face to face meeting between the parties and issues can be discussed and an agreement reached regarding a course of action to repair the harm and will include any reparation agreed.

ROC recognises the valuable work carried out by its volunteers and is committed to safeguarding whilst fully supporting their learning and development. ROC Restore works within the best practice guidelines provided by the Restorative Justice Council. To find out more go to roc.uk.com/roc-restore.

Upcoming training dates can be found below. Volunteers will need to be available for all 3 dates within any training programme:

6th, 13th& 20th October – Wirral
If you’re interested in attending this training please click the button below.