Wilmslow Youth

by Gemma Tuson

We opened the doors of ‘The Undercroft’ in November 2017 and since then our after school ROC cafe have been going from strength to strength. At first, we started opening 2 sessions a week, straight after school, and have recently added a third session due to popular demand!
The Undercroft is located right near Wilmslow High school so it makes it an ideal place for the young people to drop in on their way home. We’ve created a lovely, relaxed space where they can chill out with their friends, play on the Xbox or Play station, have a game of table tennis or grab a snack and have a chat with our volunteers.

It’s fantastic seeing the same faces week in week out, but we always welcome new people when they drop by.
Not only do we have the 3 after-school sessions, but we also open on a Friday evening for more fun and games. This has proven to be very popular and we are now engaging with over 50 young people every week. Our Friday nights have quickly reached capacity so we are now having to think about adding even more sessions, what a great problem to have!
We have a wonderful group of volunteers who are proving to be indispensable! Some great listeners for the young people and a source of help and wisdom. We could definitely not do what we do without them.

Here are some of the things our young people have said about our ROC sessions…
‘I love hanging out with my friends.’
‘It’s a place to socialise with people who go to the same school and are in similar situations as you.’
‘I like being around my friends for a little bit longer.’
‘I like seeing all the volunteers.’
‘It’s good to have a space to catch up with my mates and not have to go far to get there.’

As you can imagine we are so happy that the young people love Wilmslow Youth and our ROC cafe sessions and hope that they continue to come along and build on the relationships we have with them.